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Our Mission

JC Cares empowers people in need to walk in dignity through biblical counseling, discipleship, and meaningful work.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see the economically disadvantaged flourish as they turn the page from past pain, bondage, and mere survival, to a new chapter of healing, freedom, and fruitfulness through Jesus Christ.


Quote from Celebration Night 

"After being in that depression for almost

2 years, God showed me that my suicide attempts failed because His will was not

for me to die in the flesh, but to the sin in my life in order to become alive in Christ."


If you're interested in becoming a Care Coach, mark your calendar for our Initial Care Coach Training.
It is Saturday, July 22, 2023 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm

at the Dream Center.
Please complete both the Volunteer application and Care Coach applications, and we will contact you.

Deadline to register: July 10th

JC Works Logo Update .png

Mission of JC Works:

To empower people in need to walk in dignity by overcoming obstacles to employment through meaningful work and personal development.

We are looking for business leaders of companies who want to partner with us!

Does your company's work include simple tasks that could be done less expensively?

JC Works is a turn-key affordable solution for saving labor costs related to completion of simple tasks, such as...

  • Assembling or disassembling

  • Cleaning parts

  • Labeling items

  • Sorting pieces

  • Filling or emptying containers

  • Any low-skilled, time intensive work your company needs!

Partnering with us is simple!

  1. Call for a quote

  2. Provide work to be completed

  3. Receive finished product


Please enjoy the video about Bryant's

time at JC Works

and his current apprenticeship.

For more information call:

      Matthew Winters

   JC Works Manager  



Heading 1

JCC Community Work Days

JC Cares will be relocating!! We are in the midst of a big renovation project that will provide over 8,500 square feet of space for our programs!! If you are interested in participating in the next JCC Community Work Day, it is on Saturday, July 29th! Sign up here to let us know the time frame you're coming: 

JCC Community Work Day Saturday, July 29.jpg

Celebrate what God has done in our first 5 years

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