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Our Mission

JC Cares empowers people in need to walk in dignity through biblical counseling, discipleship, and meaningful work.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see the economically disadvantaged flourish as they turn the page from past pain, bondage, and mere survival, to a new chapter of healing, freedom, and fruitfulness through Jesus Christ.

“The lie I believed for 19 years was that I was worthless and unwanted... the truth is that my worth is much greater than I thought. When I came to know Jesus, I started learning His Word.

I believe that I am a new creation in Christ.

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Our 5th Annual New Creation event is Thursday, April 29th!! Details about our virtual event including a silent auction and entertainment:

Special Thanks to our Virtuoso Sponsors!

Announcing...a new work program

we have launched called "JC Works"

Mission of JC Works:

To empower people in need to walk in dignity by overcoming obstacles to employment through meaningful work and personal development.

We are looking for business leaders of companies who want to partner with us!

Does your company's work include simple tasks that could be done less expensively?

JC Works is a turn-key affordable solution for saving labor costs related to completion of simple tasks, such as...

  • Assembling or disassembling

  • Cleaning parts

  • Labeling items

  • Sorting pieces

  • Filling or emptying containers

  • Any low-skilled, time intensive work your company needs!

Partnering with us is simple!

  1. Call for a quote

  2. Provide work to be completed

  3. Receive finished product


For more information call:

         Mark Yerrick

     Cell: 864-810-0565

     JC Cares' Office:





Now announcing JC Works new online bookstore!

Want to show your support for JC Cares?

Our JC Works' program employees are working hard to run our bookstore. 

You can help us by buying and donating books.

 100% of proceeds go to support the ministry of JC Cares.

(Click "JC Works Books!" to check out our selection)


We need more books!

Donate books by dropping off at:

 111 Hillcrest Drive, Easley, SC 29640

 Please call our office (864-999-2255) before coming so that we can have a receipt ready.

All Donations are tax deductible.

If you are interested in becoming a Care Coach, please fill out the applications below and we will let you know when the next Care Coach training will be.

Celebration Night 2019 Highlights


JC Cares' clients shared how their lives have begun to change as they reject oppressive lies and walk in the truth. There was much to celebrate!


(864) 999-2255 Office

(864) 901-1235  Cell


​Mailing Address: 

JC Cares

111 Hillcrest Drive, Suite D

Easley, South Carolina 29640

JC CARES is a faith-based

501c3 non-profit organization. 

All gifts are tax-deductible. 

Checks payable to JC Cares.