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Many in our community are up against insurmountable odds.


Crippling pain and trauma from the past…overwhelming current hardship…lack of work experience and insufficient training—it all creates a vast chasm between present difficulties and future flourishing. Opportunities to contribute productively or be gainfully employed are difficult to find.  And yet these individuals have incredible gifts and potential!

JC Works is a work program designed to empower people in need to walk in dignity by overcoming obstacles to employment through meaningful work and personal development. JC Works employees will perform simple tasks outsourced by partner businesses (assembling, cleaning parts, packaging, labeling items, etc.).

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This program will empower many in our community who have been unable to work. JC Works will provide…

  • job readiness training,

  • work skills,

  • transportation,

  • uniforms,

  • and short work shifts.

We can tell them they have dignity...or we can show them.

Does your company's work include simple tasks that could be done less expensively?


We are looking for community-minded businesses who want to partner with us!

JC Works is a turn-key affordable solution for saving labor costs related to completion of simple tasks, such as...

  • Assembling or disassembling

  • Cleaning parts

  • Labeling items

  • Sorting pieces

  • Filling or emptying containers

  • Any low-skilled, time intensive work your company needs!

JC Works has a Bookstore!

Want to help out in an easy way? Click the link below and look at our new book selection! 

Partnering with us is simple!

  1. Call for a quote

  2. Provide work to be completed

  3. Receive finished product

For more information call

JC Cares' Office: 864-999-2255

We want your books!

If you have books you would like to donate, drop off your books at: 

111 Hillcrest Drive

Easley, SC 29640 

Call our office-(864) 999-2255 before dropping off.

All donations are tax deductible.

JC Works Logo Update .png

Together, we can help those facing overwhelming odds turn the page from dependency and mere survival to a new chapter of diligence and productivity as valued members of our community. Because…

every story needs a new chapter!

Invest in this life-changing program

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