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JC Cares' Alumni Group

What is it?
Our Alumni Group was formed to provide ongoing support and encouragement for our former clients. We emphasize the four "Stay-Ins" from Keys to Freedom: stay in the Word, stay in prayer, stay in fellowship, and stay in accountability.

Alumni Group Coordinators:
Terri DeSena
Ann Furst
Jeannie Truman

For more information or interest in getting involved,
email Ann Furst at:

Note from Coordinators:

"These programs and many others cannot exist without volunteers. So when Gods calls me to play a part in the lives of these women, I answer joyfully." Terri DeSena

"Love that our previous clients can come back every couple months to be refreshed in God's Word, have fun, and enjoy fellowship with one another. I enjoy helping out with the alumni group." Ann Furst

"I love having an alumni client option because it allows us to keep connected and affords opportunities for continued relational and spiritual growth!" Jeannie Truman


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