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Biblical Counseling

Our Programs

Biblical Counseling 

We provide free biblical counseling services for the economically disadvantaged. Care Coaches and Advocates meet with clients weekly to share the love of God and the truth of Scripture.

Soul Food Christian Resources

The Soul Food Christian Resources bookstore provides Bibles, Christian books, and worship CDs to help people grow closer to God and fulfill His purposes for their lives. These items may be purchased with Dream Dollars which are earned by attending free classes at The Dream Center.

Art Program 

Our Art Program provides monthly art/craft classes at The Dream Center where individuals are able to use their own creativity to make something to take with them.

JC Works

JC Works is a one-year work program designed to empower people in need to walk in dignity by overcoming obstacles to employment through meaningful work and personal development.

Prayer Sponsorship Program 

Our Prayer Sponsorship Program gives small groups in local churches the opportunity to care for a client and be part of the healing journey  through prayer and encouragement.

Breakthrough Prayer Team 

Our Breakthrough Prayer Teams are ready to pray over a client at his or her request for a specific breakthrough of healing or freedom.

Alumni Group


Our Alumni Group was formed to provide ongoing support and encouragement for our former clients.

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