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Story Behind The Name

The origin of the name JC Cares is a story from my own life. There was a time when my husband and I desperately needed money, and we weren’t sure how we were going to pay the bills. Well…let me start from the beginning.

My husband Scott was being supported by the Southern Baptist denomination to work with a pastor of a small church plant for two years. When the two years was up, so was the money. Scott wanted to continue the ministry he had started with this church, so he decided to get another job to provide for our financial needs. He got a job at a financial planning firm and his pay was based on commission. We never knew when he would get paid. We had two small children, and I was pregnant with our third child. One day when we desperately needed money because an eviction notice was hanging over our heads, I checked the mail and received an envelope but couldn’t tell who it was from. I opened it, and it was an anonymous money order for $500 that was signed “J.C. Cares”.

We received two more money orders from J.C. Cares just when we needed them. Someone was used by God to meet our financial needs and show us just how big our God is. That person was walking with us through a difficult time in our lives. The JC Cares ministry exists to do just that—to walk with people through their pain to a place of healing and show them just how much Jesus Christ Cares!!



Aimee White

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