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About Us


JC Cares is a biblical counseling and discipleship ministry partnering with The Dream Center of Pickens County and located in their facility. The individuals who walk through the doors of the Dream Center are unable to afford biblical counseling due to their economic hardship. JC Cares wants to overcome this obstacle and provide the hurting with hope....

because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be healed and set free by the love and power of Jesus Christ.



A recent survey of our clients has highlighted the vital role our biblical counseling ministry must play: 

  • 81% have struggled with depression

  • 45% have been physically abused

  • 36% have battled eating disorders

  • 45% have been sexually abused

  • 42% have struggled with drug or alcohol use

  • 41% have attempted suicide

We can empower people to get back on their feet financially, but if we do nothing to help heal deep emotional wounds and walk with them on a journey of healing from past pain, then the stability we are hoping for will not be achieved.


Our vision is to see men and women no longer defined or controlled by the pain and trauma of their past nor brought down by the difficulties of the present; but walking one day at a time empowered by the living God with a family of believers walking beside them.



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