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Prayer Sponsorship Program


An opportunity for church groups (Sunday school class, small groups, staff, etc) to help a client on his/her healing journey through the ministry of prayer.


A small group "adopts" a JC Cares' client, and by doing so, commits to regularly pray for the client.

After receiving information and a picture of the client, they will be sent weekly prayer requests from the client's care coach, and will set aside time to pray for these requests during their weekly meetings.

The small group will also get to share in the client's praises and victories, as they commit to praying for the client for one year. 



We believe that the healing, truth, and freedom these clients need, can only come from God's mighty power in their lives. We believe prayer is a powerful and effective way to combat the areas of bondage and addiction that they face. Therefore, we are inviting saints of God to pray with us for these beloved clients, as we walk with them on a journey of healing and freedom found in Jesus Christ.


Jeannie Truman - Prayer Sponsorship Coordinator

For more information or interest in getting involved,

email Jeannie at: 


Note from Jeannie:

"The heart behind the Prayer Sponsorship Program is for clients to understand and see God at work in their lives in a more personal way.  For a small group or family who is dedicated to partner with a client to also see God at work and prayerfully building a bridge of care with the community around them."

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