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Because of you

Many more will be able to start a new chapter of their story

Amazingly, at the end of 2022, God provided an incredible, long-term lease agreement with Park Street Baptist Church in Easley.

This new opportunity provides...

  • Full use of the parsonage for offices, biblical counseling and financial coaching;

  • Full use of the gymnasium for our art program, work program (JC Works) and bookstore;

  • 100% of property renovation and improvement costs go toward monthly lease amount;

  • A 10-year lease with the option to renew each year for 10 more years; and 

  • Over 9,000 square feet of space with room for growth!

What will it take?

Pledge Now

Pledge Now

Count me in! I want to help make more space for more people!

My total 2023-2024 campaign partnership goal

Thank you!!

Thank you for being a part of this God-sized dream!

Our goal is to raise enough funds to complete the work necessary in order to move in by the end of 2023. Any portion of your pledge that you are able to make now will help us reach this goal!

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